Budget - VPS

Plans Processor RAM Disk VCORE DDoS Network Speed Bandwidth Price Order
Micro Xeon E5-26xx 1024MB 20GB 1 40Gbps 100Mbps 250GB $3.00 Order
Mini Xeon E5-26xx 2048MB 40GB 1 40Gbps 100Mbps 250GB $3.99 Order
Small Xeon E5-26xx 4096MB 80GB 2 40Gbps 100Mbps 500GB $7.99 Order
Medium Xeon E5-26xx 6144MB 60GB 3 40Gbps 100Mbps 1TB $11.99 Order
Large Xeon E5-26xx 8192MB 160GB 4 40Gbps 100Mbps 2TB $15.99 Order
Extra Large Xeon E5-26xx 10240MB 200GB 5 40Gbps 100Mbps 3TB $19.99 Order
Huge Xeon E5-26xx 12288MB 240GB 6 40Gbps 100Mbps 4TB $23.99 order
Enormous Xeon E5-26xx 16384MB 320GB 8 40Gbps 100Mbps 5TB $31.99 Order
Galactic Xeon E5-26xx 20480MB 400GB 8 40Gbps 100Mbps 6TB $39.99 Order

Our Features

Control Panel

Reinstall operating systems, track satistics, and run administrative tasks all from an easy to use control panel!

99% Uptime

Don't worry about downtime as we provide an uptime of 99% on our website and nodes!

Private Servers

Login securly to your own private virtual server and unleash the powerful features of your VPS!