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All your VPS and Dedicated needs all in one place.

Our Features

Budget Pricing

Why pay more when you can pay less! We have many budget VPS plans to choose from, for basic web hosting to high resources intense games.

DDoS Protection

Stay protected with our 40Gbps DDoS protection! This protection comes standard with each service sold!

Owned Hardware

Top of the line hardware that we own! We don't buy from resellers, all your VPS needs run on owned hardware straight from our dataenter

What do our customers say?

GalaxyNode is the most affordable and reliable host I have ever used. Support will without a doubt blow you away in how fast they can resolve your issues or provide general assistance. I have used them time and time again and will continue to come back for the high quality services they provide.

Brandon M - Swooce.com

If you were to get in bed with any hosting company, I would 100% recommend GalaxyNode. The company that goes the extra mile to provide amazing service is the company you should be with. I was treated with utmost respect, and patience. They are hands down the best host company I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

James M - HCFPVP.net

I currently have a blast with GalaxyNode. I currently use the hardware for my own projects and just the affordability and pricing of this is just amazing. I currently try to refer as many people as possible to this host cause of how spectacular it is! I will always love it to bits!

Klanx - Aquatis

GalaxyNode has consistent uptime and fast performance. They helped keep my server up during the heaviest load on my server. Their VPS systems allow you to run a Minecraft community with virtually No Lag. I Would recommend this host to everyone I meet.

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